Words and Guns by Njeri Wangari


Words and guns

which yields more power?
with words
i can create a world where guns and bullets

are like suns and droplets

I can call into being the spirits of our forefathers

to open our eyes to a time

before the white man, before the railway lines

for before the world was

the word still was.

With words
I can close my eyes and see

a time before the sunrise of my being

step into worlds I have never been

Touch and not feel the sting of a bee

imagine a world that will never befor with wordsi can create and let it be.
With words

I can create playgrounds in concrete jungles

where kids can touch the grass and throw marbles

my stories of our heroes

gone and living

will grow them from boys to men

from girls to women

for with words

I can change their destiny.
Words on pages

are a declaration to the living

We were here.

26th September 2014

All rights Reserved© Njeri Wangari njeriwangari@kenyanpoet.com