Wondering What Energy Drink Works Best in 2019? Of course KABISA!


We said goodbye to 2018! And now, we welcome a brand new year. Well, it’s time for a quick summary then!

Last year Mutalo Group the creators of classy Energy drink KABISA really succeeded on many African markets and they are proud to call themselves a truly African beverage.

Couple of months ago KABISA Energy Drink entered the Kenyan market of beverages. Started the adventure in Nairobi by distributing KABISA in small local shops. After all this time we can proudly say that it’s been a huge success and KABISA is now one of the top energy drink distributors in Kenya!

KABISA is now among the top ten energy drinks being sold in Ivory Coast, one of the most known energy drinks brands in Kenya, a growing energy drink manufacturer in Malawi and finally a newbie on the list of beverage companies in Ghana. That is quite an achievement, right? Such a classy drink as KABISA is the first choice for many people from Mauritius and it also aim to become a top energy drink Madagascar really enjoys.

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Well, with a lot of goals for this year! They’re not gonna rest on their laurels and they want to boost energy drink company – Mutalo Group – presence in Africa. That’s why they’re going to do their best to become one of the top selling energy drinks in South Africa, one of the most unique energy drinks in the Uganda drink sector, number one in the market of soft drinks in Eswatini and one of the leading energy drinks in Guadeloupe.

KABISA is definitely one of a kind because at the end of the day it comes down to packaging good quality and fantastic taste in one special drink. Thanks to that KABISA is simply an epic energy drink!