Vocalist Agolla ‘Drowning’ In Love As She Drops Second Single


She is possibly one of the the best vocalist we know on a professional and personal level. So yes i may be biased whenever i hear her voice but hey she is just as great as she is advertised.

Call her Agolla, (I call her ‘CJ’ but don’t ask me why) has dropped an all new single dubbed ‘Drowning’ which follows the footsteps of its predecessor and her debut single ‘Milele’.

Premiered just a few days after Valentine’s Day… ‘Drowning’ is Agolla’s second single where she talks about a lover that makes her happy.

She borrows elements from different genres of music for this one giving it a unique sound. Agolla also throws in a few lines in her mother tongue Ateso, the language of the Iteso people from Western Kenya.

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If you love smooth love vibes, a song that can keep you mesmerised by its lyrical content while grooving to that guitar then i believe this jam should find space in your playlist.

Listen to it below as produced by Jacky B. You can sing along and hope you enjoy it just as much as I did, oh! you may dedicate to a loved one as well.