Vocal Powerhouse Viola Karuri Features Bongo Star Barnaba In New Release ‘Leo’


Did you know that Viola is half Tanzanian! Listen to this vocal powerhouse teamed up with Tanzanian multitalented singer, Barnaba in her latest hit single ‘Leo’ as a tribute to her heritage.

‘Leo’ is about love, no not that sweetie, honey, baby love. No! it’s about that deep kinda love, gives so goods but hurts so bad.

The song was composed by Barnaba, produced by Hightable sound and Ogopa Inc, and performed by Viola Karuri, featuring Barnaba.

Shot in Tanzania and directed by the legendary video director, Lucas Bikedo of Ogopa Inc, Leo music video boasts alluring visuals, as expected.

Watch the Video here, hope you enjoy it just as much as we did.