Veteran rapper Prezzo to sue Standard Media Group for upto 2 Million over drug abuse allegations.



Veteran  rapper Prezzo has been the center of controversy for a very long long time now and even with newcomers like Willy Paul and Bahati I honestly do not see anybody taking the crown away from him anytime soon.

This time round somebody mentioned Prezzo’s name in relation to drugs and you know “Mr.Makini” if he is not okay with things he always comes clean, yeah right, you remember him parading his HIV/AIDS test results on social media.

According to Prezzo, a journalist was reportedly paid to write a degrading story that would ruin his reputation, the article which stated that he was using drugs was published in the Standard newspaper.

He further claims to be ready to undergo a drug test and demand a whooping sum of KES. 2 Million should the results come back clean.

Prezzo took to social media saying

“So my lawyer Hon Evans Ondiek gives me a call concerning an article that was on Standard news paper talking about Prezzo uses drugs & all that BS. I wount lie that article f@cked up my day. The journalist who wrote that article was clearly paid by one of Nacada’s “u know who” in order to tarnish my name. Iam ready to test for drugs in my system and if the results come out clean I demand ksh 2million other than that keep my name out ur mouth & as for standard media group, ull be hearing from my lawyer very soon. I’ll teach y’all a lesson on behalf of myself & other celebrities who are suffering from media brutality but can’t stand up for themselves #Rapcellency #President #GodsSon”

Sounds straight pointing don’t you thing, but all the same will be waiting to hear what Prezzo’s lawyer will have to tell Standard Media Group.