USIU-Africa Signs MoU With Kenya Film Commission To Boost Film Studies


USIU-Africa and Kenya Film Commission (KFC) have signed a five-year Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that is aimed at making Kenya a first-class provider of screen entertainment for local, regional and international markets emanating from the quality and relevant training offered by the university.

The MoU will see both institutions jointly work together to build capacity through organizing film classes, workshops, seminars, film boot camps, short courses, projects, and programs. The two institutions will also market the Kalasha International Film and TV Festivals to increase market penetration and visibility for Kenyan content at international film markets.

While signing the MoU, USIU-Africa Vice-Chancellor Prof. Paul Zeleza said the partnership will position both institutions as resource centers for local broadcasters, media, film and communication researchers and scholars as USIU-Africa will be able to offer mentorship programs for students interested in film.

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“We will conduct film industry research and collect data which will enable us to develop short courses tailor-made for industry practitioners for certification”, Prof. Zeleza explained.

Kenya Film Commission Chief Executive Officer Timothy Owase said the State Corporation will continue to source and negotiate for tax relief incentives on film and animation equipment to boost the industry growth.

“We will offer guidance on standards of excellence and advocate for the use of the best practice in film production while working closely with relevant government agencies to create robust and streamlined mid-level film education that will lead to more exportation of locally-made films”, he added.