Top Comedian and TV Host Dr. Ofweneke Celebrates Daughter’s 3rd Birthday With A Tatoo


Famed for his signature Naija accent, Dr. Ofweneke has been seen to be an excellent man in comedy and the same has been seen evident in family matters as well.

Being married to the beautiful gospel singer, songwriter and performing artist Nicah Sande popularly known as Nicah The Queen, these two have never failed to shower each other with love every moment they get.

Last week the couple celebrated their bay girls third birthday, and Ofweneke just like any loving father went a step forward to get his arm inked with his daughter’s name “Debbie”.

Ofweneke shared the photos on his social media with the caption.

“Oooooh My Baibe!! My flower!! I cant believe its now 2 years since you arrived,You came into my world and everything changed,How I talk,How I think,How I walk,How I sit….I hustle double and my passion has increased because I got you in my life. No matter what am always greatful to your mum for giving me the best gift in life and thats the tittle of a father.HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY HEARTBEAT I love you and always will.And as your first boyfriend Ill take care of you so that You will never have to take less from another man 🎂🎂🎂🎂 Daddy Loves You Debbie Blessings Sande 😍😍😍😍😍”

See the photo below.