ToluDaDi Releases ‘Stimuli’ – A Strong Contender For Project of the Year


If there is any newcomer to pay critical attention to, undoubtedly, ToluDaDi is the one. The consistency, the quality of the content and the rich messaging and production is absolutely breathtaking.

After a couple of singles earlier this year, ToluDaDi has finally released the much awaited ‘Stimuli’ project, a 11-track project of songs made straight from the heart.

The ’Stimuli’ project is a work of art. It is a masterpiece. It is a picturesque journey through the mind of a genius afrobeat artiste. This is a movie in sound format, addressing daily issues, political problems, love, and a conscious effort to retell life as we see it in the duality of his life in Accra and Lagos.

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This ’Stimuli’ project features, YN the Afropikin, Cici Yeboah, AnoNimo, BabaWvd, Thrill and Bwoui Face.

The complete project was produced by another IsoRock Music’s genius producer BabaWvd (pronounced “Baba Wood”). ‘Stimuli’ is the voice of an African child, an appreciation of culture, a letter to the world from the motherland, and a beginning of an epic journey.

If there is anything like an overload of greatness, this project is one. ToluDaDi and the ’Stimuli’ project are an epitome of dedication, talent, hard work, sweat and passion. 

Enjoy ’Stimuli’ and be part of this journey that promises to be worth your every second. Stream below.