My Teenage Monster by Sharon Winnie


Achieng my daughter will be the death of me!
She recently joined class seven,put in some extra weight,
added a few inches of height,and grew a bad attitude
Ever since her chest sprouted we have not known peace,
I tell you she will be the death of me! This child!
Achibo can no longer go to the river when I ask her to
Reason? She does not want to mess up her shabbily painted nails
Carolina,our neighbor is in charge of beauty in our small village
How does anyone get paid for doing such a shoddy job?!
The pay is not much…but still….

Kids,they grow so fast and turn into teenage monsters
Her adolescence temperature is always high,where’s my sweet daughter?!
Have you heard how she talks back at me?like I’m always a bother
Once upon a time “Achy” I would call, “aaaaan mama” she would answer
Nowadays,”Achy” I would call, “what!” she would shout in form of an answer
What happens to the obedience and respect? I wonder
One day I went to check on her at night in her room
She wasn’t there! But in her place was our compound broom
Next day I heard stories,about a love triangle fight at the disco matanga
When I asked achy,she rolled her eyes and said,this is Kenya,hakuna matata

Then there’s that boy,with the baggy jeans and the tingling finger tips
That boy that sucks on a stick and passes clouds through his lips
Not a cigarette,its thinner and smells funny,I heard in narob they call it weed
I warned Achibo to stop hanging with that boy,but would she heed?
No,to her I’m just a stupid woman who cannot even read
And why on earth would she, a stupid woman’s advices need?

It started with teachers’ complains about the changes she made to her skirts
Then came the drop in class owing to bad grades,which didn’t make her squirm
Soon she missed class after class,Saying her teachers were boring lads
Just like that,I had lost my lass,to a fate unknown and it broke my heart
This fate had so much in store, people would get hurt

Teenage monster 1

You see that boy,yes that boy that passes clouds through his lips
That silly boy gave my beautiful Achibo “ich”
After promises of countless visits to the beach
Possible soon as he became somehow rich
How did Achy think these dreams could reach??
I mean that boy is hopeless,the pathway of success he couldnt breach
Unless he sought help from Ajuma the witch
Once he had planted his seed,he eloped,never to be found
Maybe went to another village or city,after my daughter he pound
I should talk to the chief to send his guards,on him to pounce
Would teach him a lesson,never to impregnate,then leave unannounced
I keep asking myself,didn’t he care for my daughter,even an ounce?
Maybe enough to want to ,her, as his wife, pronounce
And to the whole world even want to announce
You know,those things young love makes you do
When you think the world is made up of two
I wish my husband was here,to tell me what to do
Once achy’s child turns into a teenage monster and breaks her heart too

*ich- pregnancy
*narob -nairobi

Written by Sharon Winnie