Supa Modo | The Story Of A Young Witty Girl With Dreams Of Becoming A Superhero


Directed by Likarion Wainaina, Supa Modo follows the story of Jo, a witty 9-year old girl, loves films and superheroes. Whenever Mike, a local VJ, shows up with action films, she is utterly taken in.

After these events she, full of energy, inspires the other kids to imitate scenes they have seen – and it is unquestionable, that Jo always plays the superhero. The kids are in a children’s hospital and the screenings are a welcome change.

Jo is terminally ill and one day, her mother Kathryn takes her back to her rural village to spend the rest of her short life with her family. Without her friends from the hospital she drifts off into daydreams of being a real female superhero, a dream which proves to be something, her rebellious teenage sister Mwix, her overprotective mother Kathryn and the entire village of Maweni think, they can fulfill. They all work together to let her last wish come true.

Stycie Waweru is giving a touching debut in the role as Jo. Together with director Likarion Wainaina in Supa Modo they create a moving picture about the power of imagination, the solacing power of cinema and a community growing together closer in trying to give comfort.

The director Likarion Wainaina, a Kenyan Filmmaker born in Moscow, Russia, who lives and works in Nairobi, Kenya. As a professional Film/TV Director and Cinematographer he worked as well at various productions as on a number of documentaries and commercials. Furthermore he directed TV shows – both Drama and Sitcoms – that are currently gracing local TV stations in Kenya. His short film Between the Lines became the first Kenyan Film to be projected on an IMAX screen in Kenya. At the 48Hour Film Festival 2015 he and his team worked on the film Bait, which was selected as one of the top short films and screened at the Cannes Film Festival 2016.

A One Fine Day Films in co-production with Ginger Ink Films in association with DW Akademie. 77 minutes long Supa Modo is done in Swahili, English and Kikuyu with English and German subtitles. This production has been supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation (BMZ), the Goehde Foundation and ARRI Media.

Supa Modo is set to premier at the second edition of NBO Film Festival on the 27th of March from 7:00PM at Prestige Cinema.

Watch the trailer below.