Sue Twenty Two by Sharon Winnie


There was this dark man in a black shiny car
It didn’t go vroom vroom,so I said ooh-la-la
It swerved past me but stopped not far
With his head out the window he said “come here girl”
I went and could tell he was coming from the bar
And his right cheek was pimped with a scar
Did I mention it was night? The sky had a couple of stars
You are wondering why I was out at night in the dark
Well i was coming from the shop,nibbling on a chocolate bar
Mama had sent me to buy some sugar.
Back to the dark man in the black shiny car…

He said,”you are so pretty,whats your name,how old are you?”
I tried to shy off,but ended up saying I’m Sue, twenty two
He said”You know what we have in common Sue?
I’m also twenty two plus twenty two!
Although you look a lot younger by a year or two
I smiled and said I had to go home, cook supper’s stew
He asked for my number so he could give me a call at two
Gave it to him thinking ,to his words he wouldn’t be true

Guess what, next day he gave me a call
Inviting me to his house to watch football
He sounded so formal,couldn’t be a booty call
How could I know? I had no serious experience with men at all
He had set a trap,and right inside I would fall
The height of naivety and curiosity had taken its toll
And like a mouse to a cat,I would play my role

Knock knock,I stood at dark man with the black car’s door
The weather was bad,looked like rain was going to pour
Door knob turned and there he was,a giant,something like 6ft’4
Come in! Come in! He thundered,It almost sounded like a roar
“You’re just in time to see neymar give us a pretty score!”
He gave me a seat,his house was definitely not a bore
“Juice? Soda? Water? Or maybe something strong that’ll make you glow”
I love mango juice,it was chilled and sweet,so I sipped it nice and slow

After several sips,dark man with the black car,Came a little closer
“Well,sue-twenty two,you sure you don’t want something stronger?”
My mind told me he was starting to become a bother
But I was too naive,on his words to ponder
When on my thighs he placed his hand
I knew that up I had to stand
” don’t be like that,am a fortune you should be happy to land!”
I laughed so hard,because his intentions he had made me understand
He tried to corner me,so his crotch I kicked hard
And gave the door a go, for my life I ran

Yesterday a white car swerved past me then made a stop
Man in the white car said,”come here girl,I love your top”
I said,”my name is No,”
“my number is No,”
and No, you can’t harvest my crop
His mouth formed a big O
Then I walked away,i had given the mic a nice drop.

Written by Sharon Winnie.