StarTimes launches new Swahili series as demand for local content grows.



The StarTimes Swahili channel is set to launch a new series dubbed Talaka as demand for East African content increases. The new series will debut on StarTimes tomorrow at 7.30 pm.

StarTimes subscribers will be able to catch the intriguing tales in Talaka through StarTimes Channel DTT 160 / DTH 400.

From Friday, the new Swahili series will be airing every Thursday and Friday. According to StarTimes, the series will unravel the intrigues of forced marriage, their effects and how far young girls are willing to go I pursuit of their freedom.

In this series, you will meet Badoura, a young girl who has been compelled into an unwilling marital engagement. Will she be able to free herself from the bondage of a forced marriage and go for her true love? Well, you can find out starting tomorrow by tuning your StarTimes decoder to Channel DTT 160 / DTH 400 starting at 7.30pm.

If you don’t have a StarTimes decoder and enjoy exciting bouquets from as low as Sh. 199 per month!

Source – Bizna