Sony Launches New Water and Dust Proof Extra Bass Wireless Speakers In Kenya


Sony has launched the new SRS-XB41SRS-XB31, and SRS-XB21 EXTRA BASSTM wireless speakers in Kenya. With portability, durability, EXTRA BASSTM sound and a live sound mode, these speakers will provide listeners with the ultimate music experience.

The sound quality these speakers exert are designed to sustain and focus on “deep bass” and “punch bass”, which perfectly exhibits bass heavy music such as the popular music genres of EDM, grime and hip-hop. Customers can also create a three-dimensional music experience with the live sound mode which creates a concert experience in the living room.

Available in three colours, the new fabric material design of the speakers is robust and washable, so the odd spillage will never be an issue. They are also waterproof and dust proof with an IP67 rating, meaning the speakers can be used on the beach. Additionally, the rustproof feature allows users to use them in the ocean without causing damage.

The speakers can be hand carried due to its wireless design. It is compact and has a 24 hour battery life, which means users can take the EXTRA BASS TM anywhere and the party can carry on all night long.

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Coming packed with Wireless Party Chain via Bluetooth® Sony speakers can now connect up to 100 different[2] speakers together. Customers can fill a room or build a wall to create a vast EXTRA BASSTM sound experience.

It can be used like an instrument and can detect tapping from five different directions thanks to the ‘Party Booster’ feature which is a built-in accelerometer that generates a sound and lighting reaction. This creates a music listening experience full of interactive opportunities.

The SRS-XB31 is equipped with multi-colour line lights and flashing strobe effects while SRS-XB21 has a single colour line light. The SRS-XB41 will create an EDM atmosphere at home with speaker lights, multi-colour line lights and even flashing strobe lights. It gives the opportunity to create great vibes by effortlessly mixing up great sounds and eye catching light effects.

Sony EXTRA BASS™ range has been extended with these three speakers and is better than ever, and made to be more outdoorsy and durable. All three models SRS-XB41, SRS-XB31 and SRS-XB21 are now available in all Ansiuma and Gametronics stores.