Sony introduces the new EXTRA BASS™ Wireless Speaker with powerful sound


Sony refreshes its EXTRA BASS™ wireless speaker line up in Kenya with the addition of SRS-XB32 portable speakers.

Sound that packs a punch

Offering deep and punchy bass sound, the XB32 from the popular EXTRA BASS™ series of speakers from Sony, has dual passive radiators which work together with stereo full range speakers to enhance low-end tones and give the bass a boost, despite the compact size.

LIVE SOUND mode expands the service area of the sound via angled speakers and Digital Signal Processing technology, producing three-dimensional sound, which puts you in the thick of the music as if you were at a music festival. The range is ideal for hip-hop, dance and rap music lovers with bass at the heart of their music taste.

Boost the party

Thanks to the easy-to-grab design and a built-in accelerometer, the XB32 features a Party Booster, which truly adds life to the party. The speaker reacts when you tap on it and creates unique lighting and sound effects. Voice control, a new style motion control feature and an interactive party light allows you to customize your party the way you like. Simply select ‘Party Lights’ in the Fiestable app[i] to light up your phone in tune to the music to recreate the live concert atmosphere via your smartphone.

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Turn any venue into a party with the improved multi-colour line lighting on the XB32. With multiple colours and flashing strobe lighting effects, the XB32 gives the party a club atmosphere by syncing the lights to the beat of the music you love. Make it personal and customise these party functions via the Fiestable app.

Party proof

The speaker comes with washable fabric and has an IP67 rating which means it is resistant to water and dust. This makes your speaker completely party proof. The XB32 is also rustproof and shockproof so there is nothing to stop you from enjoying your music to the maximum in any location. What’s more, with a new range of colours, you can party in style.

With a long battery life of up to 24 hours and a portable and compact design with a carry handle, your music can follow you anywhere. The XB32 can even charge your smartphone, so there’s no excuse to stop the party.


The SRS-XB32 priced at KES 19,995 will be available from mid-November at leading electronic retailers across Kenya.