Skales Pulls A Hat-trick And Releases 3 Videos Off His ‘Mr Love’ Album


In a daring, unexpected move, Skales goes above and beyond to release three brilliant videos for tracks off his most recent album ‘Mr Love’.

The Baseline artiste dishes out three different moods with each video. The party hit ’Fast Whyne’, which features Afro B, shows the more fun, party-loving, side of Skales.

We see the customary flashy cars, beautiful women, and large houses, all very telling of a ‘fast’ life.

Watch video below, enjoy.

In ‘Sawa’ featuring Dice Ailes, we see a more playful, intentional, and loving side of Skales as he explores the city of Beirut with his love interest. The picturesque city is the perfect backdrop for their love story, and we’re drawn into the whirlwind romance.

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Watch video below, enjoy.

And then Skales makes it a little more personal with ‘Good Life’ featuring Neza. This minimal video is brilliantly shot, highlighting the artiste’s dedication to creating music for the people and honing his craft.

The star’s mother also makes an appearance in this video, tugging on our heartstrings a little.

Watch video below, enjoy.

Two videos in this brilliant hat-trick release were directed by Stanz Visuals, while the third ‘Fast Whyne’, was directed by Doyin Ajakaye of Simplicity Visual Studio.

Also worthy of note is ‘Skales’ very cute new visual tag at the end of each video.