SingPlus Karaoke Launches New ‘Private Message’ Feature on Android Devices


SingPlus, Africa’s first karaoke app, today updated a new version of SingPlus which starts to allow its users send Direct Messages in the community, making it more private and convenient to connect with music.

To send a Direct Message via SingPlus, the sender can visit the receiver’s personal SingPlus channel to tap on the message icon on the top right corner. Currently, the Private Message only allows SingPlus users to chat with texts only.

More various forms will be available in the future such as pictures, covers, emojis and links. The previous versions of the app only allows users to comment and like each other publicly.

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“Our aim is to connect the Africa continent with music,” said Tiger Zhang, the CEO of SingPlus, “this feature is just one more step towards the vision”. According to Tiger Zhang, the Private Message is also a long-wanted feature requested by many SingPlus users. “In fact, we’ve noticed some singles find their beloved ones in SingPlus, some of them even start international relationships because of their music stories,” added Tiger, “we hope there would be more and more Africans who share the same music interest can be friends and even lovers via the community”.

Download SingPlus HERE.