Singer Sonia Singh Reminisces The Golden Era of RnB In ‘Mine’


By now you must be familiar with the kind of content we share on this platform, me, in particular, I love indie and fast-rising acts, the talented stars overlooked by mainstream media and those who almost never get mentioned in popular trends.

Continuing in that spirit, today we bring you something new and fresh from Kenyan born Rwandese-Indian singer and dancer Sonia Singh who has a brand new single out dubbed ‘Mine’.

‘Mine’ is an Afro-RnB song reminiscent of the golden era of RnB the mid-nineties. Its heavily weighted synths combined with its percussive drums reminds us of an early Jam and Lewis song infused with a modern Afrobeat’s vibe.

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It is a fusion of two worlds but effortlessly carries Sonia´s beautiful and sensual voice. Sonia’s vocals are unique and emotional. She delivers her message about a deep relationship between two lovers and their love for nicknaming. Sonia uses her words very playfully switching from English to Swahili and therefore making ‘Mine’ an authentic portrait of her current sound.

Produced by Y´Mix from Lagos Nigeria and is visually supported by an excellent video shot on location in Germany by Mirko Polo.

Watch the video below, enjoy.