Singer Avril and Actor Pascal Tokodi Land New Gig With OPPO


Global giant smartphone maker OPPO has picked musician Avril and actor Pascal as brand ambassadors to its iconic OPPO Reno 3 phone that is now available in Kenya.

The two celebrities will have an exclusive partnership with OPPO for the next 12 months through which they will break down and spread the influence of the Reno 3 phone that has been described as a masterpiece in terms of its camera power.

As Kenyans continue to adapt to the new norm of working and staying at home, OPPO hopes that the new OPPO Reno 3 will help them in defining their moments during this time by documenting them through pictures and videos.

The OPPO’s latest generation of the best-selling Reno series has already landed in Kenya and already taking over the market by storm with its powerful cameras. Worldwide, OPPO smartphones are defined by the clarity of their cameras, something that has often left their competitors tailing from a distance.

According to OPPO, the Reno3 versatile camera setup is geared towards content creators, giving them all the tools they need to capture clear shots under any condition and make professional photos and videos on the go. 

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 “These days, vlogs feature a distinct style, relying on tight editing and precision shots to make videos look as effortless as possible. When in reality, they’re anything but often, establishing signature shots and other staples of the vlogging genre require expensive equipment like tripods or gimbals and a great deal of planning. The OPPO Reno3 closes that gap,” said OPPO in a statement. 

One of the highlight features of the camera is built-in Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) which ensures one’s footage appears smooth and professional regardless of minor shakes and violent vibrations. This allows one to record complex movement without the need for additional equipment to aid stabilization.

At the same time, OPPO has partnered with Jumia Kenya to help with the sale of its devices. OPPO Kenya now has an OPPO Shop on Jumia App were Kenyans can buy all the OPPO devices.


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