Savara Mudigi’s SaWA Training Program In Conjunction With Betin Foundation Kicks Off


The Savara Women’s Advancement Program (SaWA) by Savara Mudigi, a vocalist, producer, drummer, DJ, actor and a member of the award winning band Sauti Sol, has kicked off its core component, a training program for young women.

This has come after a successful launch that featured the SaWA tournament at Camp Toyoyo and the SaWA Concert that had Sauti Sol perform for the first time ever in Eastlands.

The SaWA program seeks to inspire and motivate young women to live amazing and impactful lives so as to reach their full potential. The first phase of the training program was rolled out on 8th July 2017 in Eastlands area of Nairobi. The long-term vision is for the training to be available to all young women in Kenya.

The project seeks to empower the women to give each of them motivating perspectives and individual goals for their careers and lives, as well as the skills and tools they need to achieve those goals. Ultimately, this will result in reduced unemployment, economic benefits of women empowerment, equality in competence and intelligence, overall development of the society, poverty reduction, how to reduce domestic violence and national development.

The SaWA program comprises of eight full day seminars over a period of four months from July 2017-October 2017, plus a boot camp for the 50 ladies on completion of the course. It targets 50 women aged between 18 and 25 years and training focuses on equipping the participants with life skills to make them successful and respected members of the society.

The four major topics to be covered are:

  • Lifestyle and Mindset Transformation, facilitated by Angela Kagume
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Angela is the founder of Re-Wire, an empowerment initiative that invites individuals to actively be part of redefining their lives, relationships and community in today’s fast-paced world.

  • Personal Financial Management, facilitated by Sheba Njagi

Sheba is a financial literacy trainer who specializes in Personal Financial Management, Investments and Debt Management. She does this so as to empower people to enjoy excellence in life through active use of their time, energy and financial resources.

  • Life through Art and Music, facilitated by Chiki Onwukwe

Chiki is a dancer and fitness enthusiast whose purpose is to promote healthy living through fitness. She is engaging the participants with her program Kuruka Fitness, which is designed to give people a high intensity, fun workout with nutritional advice. Additionally, she includes talks about issues like body positivity, self-love, or relationships with men.

  • Inspiring Female Role-Models and SaWA Mentorship Program, facilitated by Ruth Asan

SaWA  presents the participants with inspiring women who have made their own way in different fields and walks of life. The participants can get in touch with career choices that they might never have considered, or life stories that are will encourage them to follow their own dreams. The role-models are present to answer the participants’ questions, enter mentor-mentee relationships, and provide them with insights into their careers via internships, job shadowing or worksite visits. Ruth Asan is a political communication expert who has worked in women empowerment in several countries.