Post-January Music Events You’ll Need To Be At


Bet you have not had much going on in January. Well, pockets are drained and the holiday hangover is real. If you do not know yet, February is soon knocking and there is quite a number of plans that include you and your happiness already. So when the cash starts to flow again, here are some of the events you should pin up on your calendar for February. 

Going Gufy is bound to give you an all time spoken word experience. Going down at the Michael Joseph Center on 9th Feb, 2019 at 6:00pm; treat your soul to good art experiences. Gufy Dox is an all time sensational spoken art act that weaves our daily lives into perfect melodic words and verses. There will be amazing performances from other worth the while artists but you’ll have to be there to know who they are…

Reggae fans cannot wait for February to get here already. Reggae lord Richie Spice will be having his Nobody Can Stop Reggae Concert in Kenya. 16th Feb, 2019 can be a late Valentines treat for your significant other if they love reggae to the root. See what I did there…lol!

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Is your heart yearning for something Jazzy? You are in luck Christine Kamau alongside Slatec will be bringing you a Jazz Concertshowdown at the Goethe-Institut Auditorium on 20th Feb, 2019 at 7pm

Abbih Nguma is one of the great rulers of alternative music in Kenya. Having served us the lovely ‘Mwanamwali’ hit track, he recently just released ‘Kenya.’ To experience more Abbih greatness, you might want to catch up with him and other great artists at Desturi Nairobi. Save the afternoon of 24th Feb, 2019 , for a date at the August 7th Memorial Park. 

This is literally every February weekend covered. Go out and have yourself some musical fun.