The Playette by Achieng Nyasega


Mama said I should love with my mind,
Keep my heart on check,yes,in chains
‘Cause heartbreaks are promised
Tears and pain
Gave love a try or two
All ended in lies and woe
So I crossed my heart and hoped to die
If I should ever let Cupid’s arrow hit the bulls eye twice
I am that girl next door,
With those enchanting curves they like,
That ‘Colgate smile’,gorgeous hazel eyes and
My ‘Naomi campbel’ walk,how can they not glance twice
My aim?……..never to love and never to keep
My desire?…….to charm and be your fascination
I scheme to acquire and seldom fail
Yes,I’m sleek
But they turned me into this
I have them in every size
The tall,the built,the slender
Each like a different device
Heart as cold as ice
You should see how I execute my lies
Something is wrong with my heart
Guess it was torn apart by love
Master of the game I’ve become
Of my game I’m not scared
As they say:do not play poker
With a queen who can ace better than you
They call me the playette.

Written by Achieng Nyasega