Did you hear about the BIGGEST, BADDEST, FASTEST PSG LAN party in East Africa? Well we are here to tell you all about it. The Junction Mall was the place to be on the 11th and 12th of May 2019. Gamers from all walks of life streamed in from midday into gamer heaven.

The rules were simple; bring your own computer or console and screen and enjoy 24hours of crazy speeds. In this case 1Gbps. Please note at home you get about 20Mbps. We are talking 1000Mbps! Yes, you could have downloaded a 3GB movie in 3 seconds! Ok, enough technicalities. Let’s get in it.

Gamer or not, there was a place for everyone! Young and young at heart, this was the place to be. From CHEZA, bringing in a showcase which included FIFA ’19 that people went gaga over. To Game Changer giving us a taste of the latest Mortal Kombat which we still can’t stop buzzing about and we cannot wait to get our hands on it! Products from Logitech also featured in the Game Changer stand.

Masoko by Safaricom showed us what to get our mothers just at the touch of our fingers and NRG. Boy, NRG had us all dancing to their tune from their new NRG Play app. Have you downloaded it? But, the show stopper had to be DELL technologies! Alienware machines had everyone wishing they had a gaming PC at home. These gaming laptops cannot be described by words! Action is best!

With about a hundred gamers ready for the madness ahead, the mini tournaments were the perfect way to see who put in the time and who was a noob. Fornite being a popular game amongst gamers, we started off with a Fornite mini tournament. We saw eighteen participants and of three rounds, one winner emerged. BlvckSpiderman. Don’t let the name fool you, at only 20 years old, this guy had the moves and was hard to beat…With bragging rights and goodies in his bag, BlvckSpiderman challenged PSG to host a purely Fortnite tournament. (Side note: Do you think Fortnite is a tournament PSG should host?) One thing that BlvckSpiderman should note is that there are a lot of young gamers who are eyeing his thrown. Till next time BlvckSpiderman!

The next tournament to go down was the Call of Duty – Black Ops 4. This one was hosted by Triadsyndicate. Having had to put his team together at the very last minute, the battle was on. At the end of the war, Triadsyndicate, Gatman, MysticAlpha, Timmon and SlicethEE came out unscathed. What a team! It was like watching Simon Cowell put together 1D for them to win the Grammy’s. Ok, maybe not but it was absolutely exciting! Congratulations to Triadsyndicate and team, you made us proud!

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Here is where we took a little break for the gamers to refresh themselves!

We were back with the Master Builds. This was a competition held for those that build their own rigs! We saw three entries. Curious to know what they look like, follow us on our social media page @proseriesgaming.

The League of Legends community was not left behind, with Ainzooalgown championing this tournament. What was amazing was the fact that Ainzooalgown got the international community involved. This saw several teams join in and participate in this very exciting 5v5 tournament. After two intense hours of invasion, Ainzooalgown, Upendope, Dspartan, Hybrid and Highlandergtx took the bragging rights home! A great effort by our Kenyan team and special shout out to SMF Ainzooalgown for getting the international teams on-board. The final tournament was Rainbow Six Seige! This was held by Simba Ultimate’s MoJay. This tactical game saw MysticAlpha, Fazar7, SlicethEE, Triadsydicate and Allmur walk out victorious! Not only with goodies but also bragging rights! All the winners of the day were awarded courtesy of DELL Technologies, Game Changer, Masoko and PSG!

Oh, I almost forgot there was challenge from CHEZA to PSG! With 1000KSH on the line, Dennis from PSG accepted this and was ready to wipe the floor with CHEZA’s Maina. The game to play: Mortal Kombat 11. After one round, Maina was ready to call it quits. I bet you can guess what happened right? No? Well Dennis won the game. Maina could not take the ‘L’ so he challenged PSG again ‘Double or nothing’. GAMERS NEVER BACK DOWN FROM A CHALLENGE! So to see who won, follow us on our social media pages @proseriesgaming.

All in all, this was an awesome event. We would like to thank all our sponsors and partners for helping make this a reality. Until the next one, keep practising, keep gaming and #justgame!

Pic Courtesy of Dan Mutema