Wake up boy… you’re born into the world of choice. So that we know you’re alive, you have to make some noise. A little pinch to the side, you scream, that’s a good sign. Everyone around would smile, their champion boy is alive. I think that’s how I was introduced to outside life. But what I didn’t know at that time, is that I would scream to people all my life. They don’t know what I like and want to lead me like am blind. They teach me how to survive but not how to thrive. See… learning how to co-exist, knowing the good and the bad deeds, knowing that we don’t live forever, that’s education. Being curious about this piece of writing, means you’re seeking education.

An eye opener that may or may not help you when you’re working. We’re all born blank bleeding for knowledge. And we gain that at every moment. But it’s not just so we can pay our wages. It’s to sharpen our lives’ edges. Making the smart choices and preventing the prevalent losses. For this you don’t need to persevere madam Doe’s bullying. For this you don’t need to spend millions schooling. Did the man who created school go to school?

There are many top scholars not educated at all. With certificates that can’t be debated upon. Go to school, get a nice job. Follow the rules, get a heart throb. Get a car, Chevy or Porsche maybe. Look at him, he made it! But he was too busy to be told not to trust everyone. So a partnership goes sideways then he sees the end of a gun. Money is the root of evil around his life, because someone planted the seed of greed in it. No one ever told him to follow his passion. He hates his job so he drinks to drown his sorrows as if the bottom of a bottle has a moral. His wife leaves him high and dry. She moves on so now he’s all alone. He quits his job and joins the Alcoholics’ Club. Sickness starts so pills and bills pile up. He can’t pay up because he’s now bankrupt.

If he were well educated, he would have a better chance stepping up after being held back. He would have avoided some problems probably. School pays off when channeled properly. Like I using English to spread integrity. Educated people live free. They don’t leave their morality at the sea for waves to wash away all the dreams they would wish to see. Why get that A then give multiple girls the ‘D’? Why anticipate that pension when all you’ll care about is that old-age-erection? Why gain so much information then destroy your anatomical nation with some alien smoke you call ‘inspiration’?

Isn’t it enough to smoke the air granted by the ‘Man in The Sky’? Don’t kill your time with something that doesn’t make you fly just like time; which by the way has talent in it talons… it steals our youth and passion, then drops sorrow in gallons. So choose your life and let your destiny choose you. Use school as a tool to sip the depths of life’s passion. As for me, my schooling never interferes with my education.