Pallaso Speaks About Xenophobic Ordeal In South Africa


Ugandan Mega Superstar Pallaso, this morning at a press conference spoke about his ordeal during his visit to South Africa to shoot a music video.

Pallaso, a victim of xenophobic attack, was left for dead by unknown assailants while walking on the streets of Turffontein in South Africa.

At the press conference hosted at Main Switch Studios in Athi River, Pallaso was accompanied by South African Artiste – Dr, Malinga and Music Executive Thomani Mawarela.
The two, travelled back from South Africa with Pallaso to show their support after the attack and ensure he gets back home safe.

Speaking at the press conference, during a 5 hour lay over on his way to Uganda, Pallaso told Kenyan media, “I thought I was going to die, at that University parking, especially when I saw the police car pass by. I have the wounds and scars that I will hold dear to me as a reminder of what I went through in the hands of fellow Africans.”

The Ugandan star added, “I call upon my brothers and sisters, to promote peace and oneness, it is our responsibility as Africans to take care of each other and spread love not hate.
“It’s our responsibility as Africa, to stand out and speak against xenophobic attacks. It’s time to love each other regardless of where we come from,” he added.

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Pallaso is famed for the hit singles Bubble Remix, Mukyakale, Ekiro Munzika, Twatoba, Sanyu Lyange among others.

The Ugandan Musician has said he has forgiven the people who attacked him and he is now on a journey of spreading love across Africa.

Following the attacks, Pallaso has now teamed up with Dr Malinga on a new song Africa Show Love. The single tells the story of how his life changed in Turffontein, South Africa.
The collaboration is a campaign aimed at spreading love, unity and forgiveness among us Africans.

The duo are headed to Uganda to promote the song and show that we are together as one and no hate can bring Africa down.

“The attack on Pallaso was not necessary and I would not want it to happen to another person. We don’t have to hate each other, instead lets support each other in all areas. We are Africans,” said Dr. Malinga.