Nini Zaidi by Linda | Girl Group Linda Drops New Original Video To Much Public Acclaim


Linda is the awesome fast-rising exotic all-girl group made of three Kenyan female lead singers namely; Raych, Beryl and Alexis.

Amongst other things they are well known for their Swahili Renditions especially “Usitoroke”, based on the international hit single by Jade called “Don’t walk away”, that was even applauded and shared online by the Jade lead singers and their producer in USA.

These multi talented girls are out with their second original single titled “Nini Zaidi” which they dropped live on Tuesday 12th September at Wakilisha East Africa, the leading platform in East Africa for launching music live held at Tribeka Lounge in Nairobi every week.

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The performance was mind blowing with the ladies serenading revelers with their soulful R&B vocals to the delight of everyone present.

“Nini Zaidi” which means “what more” in Swahili, talks about how relationships can be complicated and their take on how to tackle it, it has an authentic 90s R&B/Hiphop feel backed by excellent vocal delivery and a very creative video concept executed with finesse by Producer Wawesh and Videographer Hassan Mandevu respectively.

Watch the video below, enjoy.