Nigeria’s Godwin Bada Releases His Single “Letter from the Deep” with Karaoke in Sing+ App


Godwin Bada, the contestant of The Voice Nigeria 2017, announces his first single “Letter From The Deep” today, along with the official karaoke version in SingPlus app, the biggest karaoke community in Africa. The single is now free to listen and sing along with instrumentals and lyrics in SingPlus app.

Letter From The Deep”, which is the title of his new single, is an Afrocentric Blues love song that guarantees a shift of mood to several beautiful realms. Letter From The Deep is inspired by the thought of more than one person simultaneously. To think that there are certain persons we really do love and miss but we hardly talk to or see because of some necessary barriers like distance, the hustle and desire to live a better life. This song takes 3 minutes time out to reach them and tell them how much they mean to you, how much you really want to be there for them, and how much you understand why they haven’t taken time to reach out to you too cos you are in the same shoes instead of playing the blame game.

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In the meanwhile, Bada also officially releases the karaoke version of Letter From The Deep with its timed scrolling lyrics in SingPlus app. From now on, it’s free to sing along and record the song in the app with Android smartphones. Besides, you can even sing a duet with Bada himself by joining the COLLAB started by him in SingPlus app.

“We’re so glad to have Bada singing in our app”, said Tiger Zhang, the CEO of SingPlus app, “Now you can duet sing with Bada by joining his collabs he started in our app.” According to Tiger, prior to Bada, Shaapera Mnena Makepeace who was also a contestant in The Voice Nigeria 2017, joined in SingPlus karaoke community with her great cover songs such as “Set Fire To The Rain” by Adele, “Roses” by James Arthur, “Because Of You” by Kelly Clarkson, just to name a few, which turn out to be top hits with high praises from African listeners. “SingPlus not only plays as an stage for undiscovered singers, but also an speaker for shining stars like Bada”, added Tiger.


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