Nar’h Drops First Melodic Trapsoul Anthem ‘Mutual’ Featuring Vanilson


Tired of the repetitive ‘Gbas Gbos Gbas’ on the airwaves? Well, refresh your eardrums as Nar’h drops an alternative trapsoul anthem previously unfathomed in the Ghanaian market.

Mutual was dropped about a week ago by Nar’h, a young Ghanaian artiste who believes in the alternative sound.

The song Mutual is a slow melodic lovers tiff which describes a young boy and girl sharing the same feelings towards each other hence the title ‘Mutual’.

‘Mutual’ features Vanilson from Angola and was produced by Vanilson. The song was perfectly mixed and mastered by Plugn6ix (the producer duo of plvgwill and sixtrees ).

Nar’h’s Mutual cover art was beautifully made by plvgwill and describes the content of the song to the listener.

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You can stream and download his music from any platform on this link

Listen below, enjoy.