Musician Suba Unveils Debut Visuals ‘Fall Kishenzi’


Suba has been involved in the music industry for most of his life, starting from the quintessential singing in church and expanding his skills to include musical arrangement, songwriting, production and filmography.

‘Fall Kishenzi’ is Suba’s debut single- an Afro-trapsoul flavor that presents sensual declaration of interest to a crush. (Forgive the overly geeked up description). For the crush that’s crushing back!

Unveiled sometime late last year, produced by ProBoy, watch ‘Fall Kishenzi’ below as directed by Wanjiku Louiza, enjoy.

He is a complete package of a musician, able to fluidly understand melodies, harmonies and feeling, coupling this with his experience in music and his experiences in life.

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Combining these to create the magic you now hear and will continue to hear after his upcoming singles.

He hopes to be known as a musician who not only produces good music, but music that speaks directly to the heart, and is an exact expression of his self, that resonates with his audience because of its honesty.