Music of the Spheres (Or Not): The Weirdest Spotify Playlists Ever


With more than 170 million users (out of which more than 70 million are paying subscribers), Spotify is perhaps the biggest international music streaming service in the world. It’s second only to China’s NetEase, a service that has more than 400 million users in its home country but hasn’t made a name for itself worldwide. It’s not (officially) available in Kenya but there are ways to use it. Spotify is among the most coveted smartphone-based streaming services – it’s the perfect means of listening to music without it taking up the limited storage space on a phone, leaving enough room for your photos, clips, games, the Betway app, and whatever else you want to install on your phone. Spotify has a music library of more than 30 million songs of all types and genres, organised in playlists. And some of these are outright weird – let’s take a look at a few of them below.

Halloween party noise

Halloween is the scariest holiday in North America, slowly making its way in other parts of the world, too – especially the costume parties customary around this part of the year. This playlist was made to turn every Halloween party into a truly atmospheric and terrifying one – it has all the sound effects needed to match the scary decorations. Among the “songs” on this playlist, you’ll find screams, animal howls, the sound of a thunderstorm, howling wind, ghost laughs, and such.

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It’s weird… but truly useful to put you in the mood.

Mac ‘N Cheese

You know how restaurants have a habit of matching wines with the dishes they serve? Well, somebody did the same with some of the most popular comfort foods in the world and music. The Mac ‘N Cheese playlist consists of odes to delicious foods and snacks like bananas, hot potatoes, jelly beans, ravioli, food salad, and such – everything to make you get the munchies in an instant.

Make it stop!

Everyone loves to listen to good music – but how about bad music? While I can’t imagine anyone wanting to feel the pain of having to listen to some of the most hated songs of the century, somebody took the time and compiled a playlist of exactly those. Among the songs that will surely make your ears bleed you’ll find gems like “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” performed by William Shatner, Rupert Holmes’ “The Pina Colada Song”, Cotton Eye Joe by Rednex, the Nyan Cat song or even the Trololo Man by Doctor Werewolf. No wonder that this playlist has this very suggestive title – it’s called Make it stop!