MPAKE Makes It Possible For Kenyan Authors, Composers, Publishers To Declare Works Digitally


For the past decade the war to have creators get paid their rightful dues has been hard fought and with a number of steps being put in place, the revolution may be still young but for sure we are heading in the right direction.

After Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK)’s exit and Music Publishers Association of Kenya (MPAKE) era kicking off, we now for the first time in the country have a digital portal that makes it possible for not only artists but authors, composers and publishers to identify themselves and declare their works in a bid to cub double registration, ghost registration and fake documents.

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The process made easier as 1,2,3 requires an Author, Composer orPublisher to simply log on to to a create your profile, upload statutory documents i.e your KRA PIN certificate and your ID Card/Passport copy, and declare their works by using the respective links where these works are hosted like YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer etc.

As a first time Author/Composer/Publisher kindly visit to register at a fee of Ksh.500/- to access your account.