Mount Neverest by Allan Watima [Poem]

Written by Allan Watima aka Kannon


Did I win the race? Ofcourse
I’m I the best? Of all
Would I ever rest? No
Where I’m I? On top
Can I fly? ……………
Hey! Can I fly? Do not
Why? You’ll fall

Let the scroll unfold
You worked hard the most, and against all odds, rose to the top,
Just so you can storm a room and all jaws fall to the floor,
As the mouths engorge on the greatness that flows from the boss,
That’s you ofcourse but it’s not as easy as you thought,
Because those beneath you also want to soar,
So you keep your head high and be bold,
Lest they see you’re shy; which is a flaw,
Sometimes you have to roar to show you’re strong and composed,
This is what you wanted,
This is what you get,
This is why you’ll never rest,
Welcome to Mount Neverest.

You thought you would slouch on the couch of your comfort-zone,
But you can’t even blink because you think of the under-dogs,
Best believe they’re skilled and willed to take your throne,
So you grow horns to goad and thorns to guard your weakspots,
If they crack nuts then you have to eat rocks,
Grow a thick skin, not to be frozen in the cold,
Nor to be burnt by the fire brimming in their eyes,
If they train twice then you have to train ten times,
You never look on the bright side; you’re busy on the blind side,
Because they keep looking at you like its dining time,
But you raise a brow, clench your jaws taut, and brush off their fake smiles,
Because your ego can’t allow them to know, that you wish to abort this brainchild,
I wonder, for how long? That depends on your threshold for war.
This you wanted, aye? This you got,
This is why you’ll never rest,
Welcome to Mount Neverest.

If you’re to lead, there’s a humongous responsibility, you’re the people’s will, they’re your only priority,
To them you’re the king; the man in control, but in reality you’re a pawn, a slave, a kong,
You’re a machine with little room to improve, still you have to produce all that they consume;
Work all hours a year and deliver before its due, and when you do, let it be good,
This may make you need a Shrink or two to help you cope with what you do,
Still you can choose; be Obama or Kim Jong Un, but it’s hard to choose Obama when you can lead by your rules,
As Kim Jong Un; just wield the power button to a nuke… Lead by kaboom!
But when you peek from the peak and see the hills beneath your heels,
You’re not reminded of where you came from, nooo … That view makes you think you’re a god,
You forget your principles and what you’re in this for; you want to get more or die getting the most,
Forgeting you’re a human, you try to soar, but since you can’t fly, you fly to your fall,
Your worth rots and becomes manure for mushroom balls to be eaten by the next of kin(g) to the throne,
And even if you were Obama, you’d step off,  not down, because you would still be championing racism talks and convincing Trump that your birth certificate isn’t false!
Either way you never rest,
Now embrace Mount Neverest.