Meet US-based Kenyan entertainer MC Rayan The DJ who hosts non-profit events to raise money for charity

Meet US-based Kenyan entertainer MC Rayan The DJ who hosts non-profit events to raise money for charity

Kenyans are known for their peaceful nature, humane, and above all, philanthropy.

This has been brought to life countless times by US-based Kenyan entrepreneur and entertainer Brian Ngendo alias MC Rayan The DJ who has been giving back to society in the best way possible.

MC Rayan The DJ in collaboration with his friends in the US has been hosting a number of events in the diaspora they have also been hosting some whose profits they have been sharing with the world, specifically Africa.

Kenyan Musik understands MC Rayan The DJ, through his MCRE Entertainment Group and his partners have hosted several charity events with all the proceeds directed to help people affected by different issues in Kenya and different countries in Africa.

The entertainer who is a private person listed several initiatives they have been spearheading in Kenya including feeding kids in children’s homes, paying school fees for needy students, and other good deeds such as donating equipment to people who need them more to better their lives.

Being an open and transparent group of friends, MC Rayan The DJ his company, and partners have been extending their philanthropy to different places in Kenya such as Nairobi, Central Kenya, Western parts of the country, and the Coastal region just to mention but a few.

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‘’I do not want to disclose the number of people we have helped back home but am glad my friends and I have been doing great as far as giving back to the society is concerned.

MC Rayan The DJ disclosed, he will be visiting Kenya towards the end of 2021 in the company of his friends in a mission to change the lives of even more Kenyans.

With their various initiatives, Brian Ngendo alias MC Rayan The DJ, and friends have proven to the world that it is always not about the money but humanity