If there is one thing I am certain about is that everyone has love for music, whether gifted with the best vocals or not, we all find ourselves humming if not singing along to our favorite tracks from time to time. What if I told you it is about time you started doing this like a pro at the comfort of your phone? Want to know how? Then stick with me as I reveal the secret.

So about a week ago I bumped into this twitter handle, it followed me and being the curious person I am I decided to download their app and see what it was all about. Sing Plus is the name of the app, a brand new android app available for download on Google Play that simply turns your smart phone into karaoke singing and recording machine.

I know you must be thinking like, err…we have dozens of those out there, but none of them is specially designed for African music lovers and that is exactly what Sing+ offers to it’s users making the app stand out from the rest as it has a songbook of over 3,000 and growing instrumental tracks of trending Swahili and English songs in Africa.

Developed by Eagle Mobi, an African mobile app developer, Sing+ aims to connect music-lovers, singers, and instrumentalists to allow them to publish and promote cover songs or original music for free.

Available in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Nigeria, the app sports a great user interface with cool graphic and to top it all also the best thing that stood out for me is that the app is ad-free so you will not have to worry about those pop-ups every two seconds.

Fully packed with necessary effects to adjust your recording to your desired tune, making your bathroom voice sound like a vocalist’s, Sing+ also incorporates the most useful feature as it allows offline listening and sharing of recording within the Sing+ community and on major social media platforms.

Sounds like fun right? Go ahead try it by downloading [Click Here] and follow Sing + on twitter @SingPlusApp for updates, enjoy.


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