Meet ShareCab App – The Cheapest, Convenient and Safest Way To Get Around Nairobi


The Kenyan taxi market is saturated with dozens of options of how to get around and within town, that can be overwhelming sometimes when one is tasked with the decision of which one is perfect to use.

Now while most will argue that this or that taxi app service is the best, well it all boils down to a few key features, affordability, reliability and of cause safety. So ladies and gentlemen with no further ado I present you ShareCab App.

ShareCab App as the name suggest is professional taxi pooling application that gives the customer an experience to share a ride with other customers headed in the same direction as them thus enabling you to save on the fare through rewarding discounts.

So how does this work, you may ask, Basically ShareCab App gives you the ultimate experience to share a ride with other customers headed the same direction and get to save on the fare through rewarding discounts based on shared rides. The share model enables you to select the share ride option on the app and the number of customers you wish to share the ride with to a maximum of two. This saves you cash!

The app also allows you to see the profile of the driver and fellow customers and their ratings if you opt to share a ride. That means you not only have the ultimate power to choose who can drive you but also you decide who can ride with you.

In app One Time Password (OTP) that allows customers to begin ride .When your selected driver arrives at your destination, you have to share the one time password with him/her to enable you begin the trip.

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ShareCab App robust return policy ensures that in case you happen to forget your item(s) in a ShareCab taxi during a trip, you are able to find it. Simply fill in the form for lost and found items on their website and get in contact with their customer care team for quick action.

Currently located in Nairobi and its environs with plans underway to expand to other major cities countrywide and internationally. ShareCab App provides you with an SOS button that automatically connects you to the Kenya police emergency number and the emergency contact of your loved one that you filled during the sign up process in case you notice anything peculiar during a share ride trip. Partnered with security teams to ensure that your travel is trouble free. No other monopolies or duopolies can offer you SOS.

So here are the simple steps to getting a ShareCab ride!

  • Download the app from Google Play and sign up.
  • Choose your destination.
  • Whom to share the ride with.
  • The number of passengers you wish to share the ride with.
  • Track your cab as it approaches your destination and also get to know how far the driver is away from your destination time-wise through a time countdown.
  • The driver is able to locate your location on the map.
  • View your fare cost and make payments via Cash, Lipa na Mpesa and Euro money Mastercard Visa( EMV).
  • Rate your ride.

    For more information about ShareCab contact the customer support team on 0780400400 our via our official email