Meet Priscilla Njoroge, An Entrepreneur Fusing Art And Passion To Create Brass Jewellery


The pandemic set in March and the Kenyan spirit for most of us immediately kicked in and that is not any different for Priscilla Njoroge who converted her lifestyle and made it into a business hence the birth of House of Brass.

An authentically African fashion brand- House of Brass specialises in Brass Jewellery, African print, wall art, sandals, bags and accessories. We caught up with the founder Priscilla and here is how the interview went;

It’s not very often one decides to be a fashionista, more so a jeweler… What inspired your career choice?

For me I wouldn’t consider it as a career but more of a lifestyle. I have been a watch addict for a very long and wore brass for the longest time as well hence decided to marry the two and share this love through business.

House of brass? How did you come about establishing it?

My love for Brass accessories was the inspiration. At first, this were the only items that I was selling before i decided to go all African wear.

Unemployment is one of the hot issues across the globe, how has it been like to be your own boss.

First of, House of Brass was born out of a need for supplementing my income due to Covid-19 economical effects and for sure at such a time my mind was opened up and i decided to venture fully into this business. So far I’m humbled to say House of Brass has employed 3 individuals who are not just support but also decision-makers, crafters, creatives. Really proud of this team.

Do you source your raw materials locally?

Yes, all our items are locally made. Building Kenya is top priority.

Covid-19 has disrupted the business environment globally, as a CEO what steps have you put in place to remain a float and future proof House of Brass?

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We are an online shop which means we have evaded overhead costs which to be honest have been quite hefty for so many companies during this time due to low ROI. We have been rated by our customers as a ‘High Quality, Low Price’ shop on our items which is our key selling point and we intend to keep it that way for the long haul.

What makes your products different?

PRICE AND QUALITY. Rarely do you find these two marry but that’s who we are. Also, our customer service delivery is excellent where we engage with the potential buyer till post-delivery because we are keen on getting better and so feedback is really a key aspect to us.

How do you connect with your customers?

As earlier said, we are an online shop, so we have invested heavily on social media as a key selling point where we do posts on pictures and clips. Of late we have gotten many orders from referrals and return customers which we really appreciate as well.

Looking back on your journey, what advice would you give an 18-year-old Priscilla who just got her ID and is figuring out what to do with her career life?

Invest in people. Education is key but use it on people. People have a vast of wealth and not just monetary but skills, advice, professionalism. Keyword: PEOPLE!

Check out more of House of Brass products here.