Meet MC Sharon | A Sound Goddess Continuing To Flourish Beyond The Limits Of The Limited


MC Sharon, also known by her other monikers Decibelle or Alshaverb Mama Yao is a 33 year old veteran talent from Nairobi, Kenya; having been in the music business for the better part of her planetary existence. The singer, rapper, producer and writer who originally hails from Muhoroni township epitomizes a gritty blend of conscious hip hop, Afro soul, unapologetic lyricism, feminist pride and tonnes of attitude.

Hers is an unparalleled, passion-filled quest for life-changing sound and prose intertwined into little artistic gifts for the world’s enjoyment. ART- Alternative Righteous Talent is what it is called sometimes. It is not hard to see what she embodies from the way she carries herself creatively and the way she packages her various aspects. Alshaverb for instance is coined from the first letters of her names Alai Sharon. Verb is the to do word. Decibelle represents her Sound engineering passions and pursuits; coined from Decibel the SI unit of sound amplitude. Belle is the french equivalent of a pretty girl. So you see, good music resides here and we are happy to have you.

Decibelle is a blend of both country and city living. It is during her times in the countryside that her melodic persuasions were encouraged during choir practice. Growing up as a staunch Adventist this came naturally for most, if not all her family members on both sides. It is in the city however that her music transformation from acapella praise and worship to Hip hop, reggae and jazz became a reality.

As a music student with a piano background during her time in Alliance Girls High School and even thereafter, the music aficionado continued to grow and experiment with different sounds both as a producer and a performer.

Alshaverb burst into the scene with ‘Word On The Street’ in 2001. This was recorded at Bruce Odhiambo’s Johari Cleff studios, paving the way for her youthful and illustrious rap career to take shape. This was soon followed up by the hit ‘Everyday’ feat Pam of SEMA which was recorded at Soundscribes by Edineree where she found her next musical home among the likes of Michelle Kwambo, Edu G, Wardhez, Nanoma, Kaz, Boboz MCs and Bafu Chafu.

Watch ‘Kutupanga’ by MC Sharon released last year below.

From then she ventured away from her mentors to look for her own niche and went on to work with many other units before finally setting up base at EWD Studios. This is where ‘Hustlers Ground’, her first major studio album after the EPs ‘African Warrior’ and ‘The Underground Alliance’ (UA) Initiative were released. At the time she was also a member of The Others Music Group. alongside 4nzy, Kimathi Marshall, Samuel Malaki – The Difference, Big Boi Kuntry and The Other Others. Together they released ‘The Others Vol 1’ mixtape later that year.

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Amongst her many notable creations over the next years was ‘Seven Days’ in 2015, a mixtape she self produced in Maruna Records, Naivasha. This was during her parental sabbatical as she struggled to rediscover herself and raise her two sons away from the hustle and bustle of Nairobi. It was not too long before she missed it all once more though.

Listen to ‘Hustlers Ground’ by MC Sharon HERE.

In that same year after a two year stint away from the scene, she came back to the city renewed afresh, co-founded Pro Organic Kenya with Mercy Jirongo and Hiram Kamau to promote organic living. This is also when she published her first book Bottle Battles, Binges and Brew Blues 1: THE CHRONICLES OF A CONVALESCENT ALCOHOLIC.

MC Sharon is the face, Decibelle the ears and Alshaverb the hands in this order of creative personification. Needless to say, the goddess of sound has been and will continue to flourish within and beyond the limits of the limited.

From ‘Kwani’, to ‘WAPI’, to ‘African Warrior’ in 2005), ‘The UA Initiative’ in 2007, ‘Hustlers Ground’ in 2009, motherhood, her schooling, her books, ‘Seven Days’ in 2015 and her food franchise MLO Africa, the sky is hardly a reasonable place to stop.

The newest project on this pile of achievements just so happens to be the gem that is GEMS; Genetically Emancipated Musical Soul coming out in March 2018. The sequel to her first book Bottle Battles, Binges and Brew Blues 2:THE RETURN OF THE GUZZLER is also enroute. It is also worth noting that her musical legacy is already well cemented with the entry of her 9 yr old son Jabali Tulani aka Jay the Rock into the rap game. He debuts on GEMS.