Meet Germany Based Kenyan Artist Pety Nila

Meet Germany Based Kenyan Artist Pety Nila

Kenya is known for being one of the countries where artists are born, among those is the emerging talented singer and songwriter, Pety Nila who unveiled her new single ‘Unanidai’ a month ago being her 14th single since she started her music career.

Unanidai is a Swahili word meaning (Do you owe me). Pety Nila talks about an independent woman who has been portrayed for a long time to be dependent. Talks about how they have been told to always submit in almost all areas of life.  “The story behind the song is about a woman who is enjoying her life and a man appears, offers to buy her something to drink little did she know that the man wanted something in return and her refusing to accept the demands of the man,” she said. She narrates how she has paid her rent and doesn’t owe anyone. Despite all that, people still keep on bad-mouthing her and how tired she is of all that nonsense and declares herself “Boss Matata.”

“Women often have been victims because they can’t defend themselves. It’s a wake-up call for both genders to treat each other with respect and respect each other’s boundaries.” She said. “We can offer people something without expectations. let’s enjoy life.” She adds.

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While the Germany-based Kenyan singer is still on the come up, her new single ‘Unanidai’ shows her immense promise and irrefutable talent.

Pety Nila known by her real name Petronila Stephen was born and raised in Kitui county where developed a passion for music at a young age. She started singing, performing, and dancing at primary school, Sunday school, and community events.

She is a mother of 4 and married in Germany where she received professional voice training, creating for herself a very broad and electric selection of songs ranging from classical Italian love songs to opera arias to pop songs and spirituals.

All we can say right now is that we’re definitely excited to hear more from Pety Nila this year.

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