Born 26 years ago as Purity Kanini, 2GB Diva is a Kenyan singer, songwriter, recording and performing artist making her presence felt in the Kenyan music scene and across the border.

She started singing back in 2013 and has managed to drop amazing jams, from her debut single “Mwandani” the sultry singer did a follow up with “Simu” and “Baby Njoo” which picked up great momentum to propel her career into the limelight.

Started her music career under the stage name Good-Girl but she would rebrand to her stage current name 2GB which she acquired from a place of work back in Tanzania. Being a petite lady at her work-place, a new worker interning who was slimmer than 2GB made her coworkers and acquaintances to call her 2GB.

Current living and working in Dubai, UAE, 2GB Diva has managed to embrace her musical ability owning her style and pushing boundaries on every project she had released. Focusing on music 2GB Diva also doubles up as activist, using her musical ability to preach peace and create cohesion awareness in Kenya.

As a lady working a regular job and pushing her music career, 2GB Diva has been recognized for her amazing work in music bagging an award at 2016 UAE Awards as the best Kenyan artist while her hit single “Amka Ukatike” was crowned the dancehall song of the year.

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2GB Diva has worked with major music figures, from coastal based artists, Dazlah Kiduche on “Adui” and Shephard on “Amani”, Producers Challenger of Global Records, Richie-G of ATL Entertainment and she also teamed up with Ugandan raga dancehall maestro Kalifa Aganaga to release the award winning hit single “Amka Ukatike”.

Currently shining with two of her most celebrated singles, “Tulia” a Swahili word that translates to “Stay”- a love song that she uses to persuade her lover to stay and be loyal to their relationship.

Watch “Tulia” below.

Her latest “Nikujue” a soulful Afropop track that is set to take local airwaves by storm is smooth, laid back and vey relatable, this single talk to two young lovers who would love to advance their relationship as love and attraction keep growing.

Watch “Nikujue” below.

Even after archiving so much in her short period on the scene, 2GB Diva promises to be one of the finest East African entertainment acts to watch in days to come.