Mdundo Brings You 30 Hit Songs To Listen At Work In One Playlist


Music streaming is currently on high demand and music playlists are a new music trend in this digital century. Curated playlists by music streaming apps are already impacting the music listening behavior globally. The East African leading music app is keeping tabs with this trend by customising playlists. Mdundo’s Head Music Curator, William Abagi, explains:

“There are probably days when you could use a little extra help getting from nine to five. If you’re like me, coffee and music fuel your mornings and get you going, but when the coffee is all gone, music is all you have left. This is why we have selected the right combination of tracks with the ability to make you more productive as the day goes by. Whether you need to focus, get pumped, reduce stress or wind down, Mdundo has the right music to help you connect with the moment.”

Though listening to music at work is contentious in some companies, it helps in building focus and enhancing productivity.

Stream and download the playlist here “30 Hit Songs At Work”, Enjoy.