Maya merges her raspy vocals and soft melodies with a hard bass to talk about being jaded at the end of a relationship and recognizing your self worth intertwined with the difficulty of removing oneself from a place that they previously considered home. The visual perfectly encapsulates that “F*ck you” glow up after a bad relationship. Maya plays the powerful character of a woman who has knowledge of her lover’s infidelity and gets back at him by making sure her name is on the will before proceeding to burn the house down.

The glam, the roses, and the ‘perfect family portrait’ create the idea of perfection while the surroundings of an abandoned building and Maya fleeing show that in reality, things aren’t as perfect as they may seem… “And I’m so tired of pretending that there is something I’m defending But I don’t wanna end it And now we lose it, you stay fooling, but I’ll cool it, it’s a dead thing But I don’t wanna end it….” The director Mumbi Muturi explains, “When I first heard the song “I Know” I immediately saw Diana Ross in the 70’s looking fabulous. Retro fashion with its effortless glamour for a song about a person that stays but wants to leave. Whether they are in an abandoned building or a bath of roses, glamorous or simple, they are unhappy and want to leave. We all know them, the ones who stay and hope for change and we know the ones who walk away, I wanted to capture both.”

Watch the video below, enjoy.

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