The Man Behind Me by Felix Angaga


If i was to call and create a new super hero
I would call him M Man
He wakes up every day
And sees that we all have what want
A day goes by
Sacrifices his food just for him and her to feed
He returns a bag full of presents and a smile that lies and hides the worries of a day
My monday man a hero of the ups and downs in life

He tells stories of life makes a joke of his reality
A situation he knows best
A continous process and he still make it look simple
He caters for all the basic needs and complains not
I worry for his torn shirt and shoes
His wrinkled face
But the smile on his face tell of another story
My Monday Man is a father
A dad a hero a friend and the best adviser
How he managed is still a mystery but wait
The secret will pass on
I too will be a hero
Wear my cap and worry not of today but pay attention to what tomorrow may bring
I am he but still a student of his reality…

Written by Felix Angaga