Lover’s Anthem by Felix Angaga


A day in a month
a portion of love
We all want that special someone that a moment with him or her makes a difference in time
There’s is not a day in we should not celebrate that moment together
The funny thing about today,the 14th of February, is that we all want to be loved
What if I forgot our anniversary, your birthday, would you still remember Valentine’s?!
I know its a day of love but what if I showed you love in 364 days and forgot today
Will you still be by my side?!
You and I set high expectations for one day just because it is a tradition
We tend to forget the real meaning of Love,
Our true lovers, our parents,
The one person or two who will love you no matter what
He or she will not judge you
Nor will he disown you
Their love that is a bond till death do you part
No matter what
Their Love is an Anthem
I am not saying that I hate today but only asking what if 14th was not in the calendar
Would you still want to be shown love in a month or day…
You and I are alike but the difference is that I have seen what we tend to ignore
It’s not always about a pair but that one person that needs affection at least once a year
That mother sleeping in the cold, that kid that is rained on while he tries to find a place to rest his head
The less fortunate who want an affection,our care and just for a day to think of him or her
Why should you baptize with money while they need water
They too want thee question to be asked
Would you be my Valentine’s ?

Written by Felix Angaga