Look At This Gospel Singer Lilfour Reborn’s Message To Kenyans.

Alright, allow me to introduce myself real quick – I go by the name Esbon Mwangi the son of the late Irungu… I hail from the Central regions of Kenya though I currently reside in the capital Nairobi where I moved after my High school years.
Currently studying at Zetech University pursuing accounting and did I mention I love arts like photography; actually I am photoholic and as an artist I do gospel rap and spoken word.
The journey hasn’t been so smooth, infact life has had numerous discouragements but all in all , I believe ” mwanaume ni effort” so I have to work extra hard to see to it that I overcome my challenges, something that drives me to why am writing today.
Recently I did a research and its findings really discouraged me, I did this after having an argument with my friends about our local music…from my research I came to learn that in the United States of America zero percent (0%) of Kenyan music is played compared to their music enjoying a thirty percent (30%) airplay.
Jamaica plays only three percent (3%) of our local music while we play twenty percent (20%) of Jamaican music, twenty percent (20%) of Nigerian music is what dominates our airwaves while a mere two percent (2%) of the same is allocated to Kenyan music in Nigeria.
I moved down South of the continent and to my surprise Kenyan music gets a ten percent (10%) chance to play in South Africa and we return the favour at twelve percent.
Finally I closed my research with our neighbors Tanzania and Uganda who play ten percent (10%) while we do play theirs at twenty percent (20%) and five percent (5%) while we play ten percent (10%) of theirs respectively.
From all this it’s so sad that Kenya plays twenty percent (20%) Kenyan music something that leads me to the big question- Who are we expecting to play our music at ninety percent (90%)?
I took off on a journey titled #MusicTillTheyHearLilfour and #TeamLocalContent which was a wake up call to promote upcoming artists and fresh talents.
Am calling upon Radio and Television presenters to promote local content as I know we may not be as good as others but we still have a tick, our entertainment scene my still be struggling and as an artist I know that but to enhance our growth please promote what we are presenting to you.
I am pained , troubled and disturbed to see this happen and still emphasize we should be appreciating what we have, we should be ready and willing to nature our talents and ensure growth of our locally produced content.
Lilfour Reborn is a Kenyan urban gospel and  spoken word artist, follow him on twitter @lilfourreborn, Instagram @lilfour_da_illest or like his Facebook Page Lilfour Empire, email essiemwai26@gmail.com or call 0715521795.Get his music on Mdundo http://mdundo.com/a/15175 or visit http://lilfourrebornmusic.blogspot.co.ke/?m=1
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