Lonely by Qui Qarre [POEM]


A lonely ass,
Sleeps on an expensive lonely bed,
Some lonely hand with an expensive watch grabs the lonely ass,
They are in an expensive lonely silent room,
The silence of loneliness is too loud
For this lonely humans… Holds her,
She looks at him
In Her eyes he can see his lonely self
With his touch she can feel
Her silent heart
Start to speak volumes about
How silently she is becoming lonely… They kiss
Silent kisses
Of their normal lonely nights…
She her lips speak volumes
About how silent she has been
In her lonely times,
He on the other side
Is too loud about his lonely times
But silent on his best times… They don’t kiss anymore
They don’t touch anymore
She looks at him
He looks at her,
He is close to what her fathers face looked like,
She is sister to the woman
Who made him lonely
And silent about love,
Talk about love,
She loves to look at him,
He hates to love looking at her,
Yet in her eyes see someone else.
Someone close to
What sadness is,
Someone close to what an empty street
In December feels like
Someone close to what
The last breath feels like

So the lonely hand
Spanks the lonely ass
Drags himself silently
Into a loud street
Called SILENCE… Heads North to a Town Called LONELY.
She Sleeps on the
Lonely bed
Dreams about a loud street
In the north side called Silence


This poem was written and published by Qui Qarre a 19 year old Nairobi based poet, performing spoken word artiste and a Women of Africa Poetry Slam Queen who has performed in various places such as, Nairobi, Houston, Dallas. Qui’s works are based on her own personal life experiences and themes of social concern. More here https://quiqarrepoetry.tumblr.com/



  1. …He hates to love looking at her,
    Yet in her eyes see someone else…

    Young wild sanity.

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