A Letter To The Old and Washed Up Kenyan Musicians Trying To Remain Relevant In 2017


It’s with deep sorrow that I write this but there is something I need to let out, well it’s a burden to me, to young upcoming stars, to the true fans and music lovers and in general its dragging the whole industry back like stubborn parasitic infection.

So the big question is just when should a musician realize they are no longer valid or better yet they are no longer productive for that matter?

In my recent realization I have come to witness that the media is always filled with the industry giants and as much as we are treated to a once in a blue moon date with fresh talents, we are used to our never ending diet of older tired and washed musicians.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love our industry pioneers and the guys who made music sound soo good while growing up, but are they still valid in this time and age? or they are just taking up the much needed space and denying many that once in a lifetime opportunity?

For example let’s pick Jackson Makini or should I call him Prezzo- we all know Prezzo for good or bad, great or even shameful reasons and as a Millennial in Kenya you must have an idea of who Prezzo is and if not just wipe your existence off the face of earth.

Jackson made huge impact on the scene back in 2000’s giving us hit after hit after another hit, do you remember “Leo ni Leo”, “Let’s Get Down”, “Mahangaiko” and “Naleta Action” and with the mention of this titles I can see you nod your head iin agreement that truly during this time Prezzo did bring action to the game.

Awards followed the young star and few years later all this died and Prezzo had nothing more as far as the word music went. New strategy came in place and that was basically to show up at events and flaunt his jewelry and fashion sense which paid off by earning him a ticket to the Big Brother house signifying the resurrection of his career, but stay focused here people being famous and being a musician are two different things- one is like being Kim Kardashian and the other is like being Beyonce.

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In 2017 Prezzo still strangles to gain media attention by all means and I mean by all means, having being reduced from the legendary rapper we knew to an old washed up guy who can no longer rap to now being a socialite.

Its is not just Prezzo but many more and as much as we are blinded by the fact that some of these “stars” or how we like to call them actually have premium fans who often pose as loyal followers, this is because they have larger cash reservoirs and can pay up big time to have you cheer for them leaving common lovers of music confused if this is for true or just a hoax.

All good things must come to an end, as much as we would love you to last a lifetime in the industry at least let us remember you from the good old days when you meant something, many artists not just locally but those abroad as well tend to have a problem with accepting their career is over and moving on.

Musicians will try to patch together a dead career, dress it up with make up and make it presentable to us when we all know it ain’t shit. While money plays a huge role in this whole saga (ask madam boss Akothee) I would advice these artists to invest in a therapist to help them come to terms with reality that their productive days as musicians are long gone.

As I sign off this letter, to my fellow music lovers and true supporters of music it’s high time we stood and said enough is enough to these wacky songs and join hands behind relevant and good Kenyan music as this is the only way to salvage our industry.


Sad Diehard Kenyan Music Fan


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