LesLine x Blaise B x Ewube x Malgic – Stand for Peace [LYRICS]



There’s a call to come together

To stand as one and stop the fighting

To make the world better for the future

Where everywhere is green

Better than it’s been


So let the tears and the blood we shed

Wash away the grieving pain

Chorus: LesLine/Malgic

With peace we can change our world

With peace we are stronger louder in one voice

There’s a place for you and me If only we can see and believe

With peace we win


Enterons Les arches de guerre

Gettons Les armes, faisons la paix nous sommes des frere

“Mu Nome tome longeh oh”…


Show love, show love to your brother

No matter how different we are

Wear it like an Armor

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Spread it like a fire

Blaise B:

I feel like crying, seeing the people suffering

Oh can somebody tell me why

The earth is dying

Gun shots everywhere, pollution in the air

Blood flowing in the streets

Blaise B/LesLine/Malgic/Ewube:

“Pikin dem dey for bush”

“Their mates dem dey for school”

What about me, what about you

All we gotta do is pray for the nation, pray for the children,pray for peace…X2




Malgic Chorus

Ewube/LesLine LesLine:

You may be black or white

Australian or Asian Europe we’re one

There’s no limit to where we can reach

If we’re holding our hands As one world, stand for peace

Chorus X3: LesLine, Blaise B, Ewube, Malgic