LesLine Releases Acoustic Cover Of ‘My Way’


After releasing the peace anthem ‘Stand for Peace’ in collaboration with her peers Blaise B, Ewube, and Malgic, Afro Jazz artist and former The Voice Afrique contestant LesLine follows up with an acoustic take on Stanley Enow’s hit song ‘My Way’.

She really takes the message of hard work and perseverance to heart and bares her soul in the song.

“My hope is that young people of my age group identify with the song and realize that most times than not, hard work does pay off” said LesLine.

“They should not listen to all the negativity around them from naysayers but stay focused and they too will find their way as I am beginning to find mine” she concluded.

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In addition to English and French, the song includes verses in her native Aghem dialect, something she will do more of as she finds her way and builds her own music repertoire. LesLine worked with Napi Solo of High Rock Productions on the song and the video was directed by Chuzih Dadido.

Watch the video below, enjoy.