KP To Drop New Offering ‘Monalisa’ This Friday


One of the legendary artists from True Beats Music has done it again. Kepron Emmanuel Mushi, famously recognized as Kp, will be releasing his new hit song, ‘Monalisa’, on the 27th of September, 2019. In this song, the artist ensures that the intriguing hit is a 100% true and relatable to his fans. This song was inspired by one of Nigeria’s artist’s song, Simi.

One element that makes this song so powerful is its capacity to educate and pass a really powerful message across to every listener.

KP is a firm believer in the strengths of love and it is through this song that he explains the different challenges couples might face. His music has this mysterious vibe that is intent in surfacing the listeners’ deepest and most profound thoughts.

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He expresses various sentiments about love which have the capacity to bond people, especially couples, together over their mutual passions despite their hard times.

Despite having faced a lot of challenges, KP, does not shy away from letting his brighter side shine through. KP has always been a creator at heart and it is with the help of True Beats Music, Dream Creations and Curve Art Agency that he has managed to make this song a success.