King Kaka Takes 5th Album To Kampala, Shuts Down Uganda Hiphop Awards


King Kaka is keeping true to his promise of taking Kenyan hip hop to the next level, he recently just got back from headlining the 3rd Ugandan Hip Hop Awards in Kampala.

During his three day stay at Kampala, his 5th Studio album sold over 5000 copies.

King Kaka delivered a captivating performance plugging his mega hit Dundaing subsequently leaving Ugandans wanting more and more.

“I have noticed there is a good Hip-hop scene in Uganda. I have seen Fik Fameica, there is also Tucker HD and I used to listen to Klear Kut a lot.

Headlining the UHHA has been amazing, the love Ugandans have for me is amazing, I am very grateful” King Kaka said of his visit.

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The UHHA sponsored by MTN recognize music and artistes who have made major strides toward the East African hip hop culture.

While in Kampala, King Kaka was interviewed at 6 major Ugandan TV and radio stations; NBS TV, UBC TV ,Radio City, MTN, NTV and Next Radio.