King Kaka, Pascal Tokodi Team Up for New Emotional Video ‘Fly’


Celebrated Kenyan artistes; King Kaka and Pascal Tokodi have dropped an emotional new video dubbed ‘Fly’.

‘Fly’ is an emotional song that celebrates our loved ones that have since left us. It seeks to comfort those who’ve remained behind and help them get peace.

The beats are soft, the song slow, and the mood somber with emotions running high across the four-minute video.

In the video, the duo highlight some of the people they’ve and the country have lost including celebrated musicians; E-sir, Papa Dennis among others.

“At least get in touch, niambie kuhusu after life, I’m growing weak nilijichocha ati I’ll survive, I tried calling your number every morning like I used to, how come you don’t call back like you used to?” King Kaka posed.

Across the verses, the song underscores the pain people go through after losing a loved one.

The vocals are on point, with Pascal nailing the chorus with his mellow voice, while King Kaka perfectly executes the verses with his spectacular rap.

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In an instagram post shortly after the song was released, King Kaka posted “We have lost people in the past , we have lost friends recently. This song is so therapeutic to me, May it comfort you and your inner thoughts and may you find peace. Fly Julius Ombima, Fly Moran Ombima, Fly Agnetta Agwel, Fly Raz , Fly Sniper, Fly My Friends.”

On his part, Pascal said “Grateful to everyone who came through for FLY… Fly Kone, Fly Sarah Kanana, Fly Grandma, Fly Sniper, Fly Ceel. Your lives were a blessing , your memories a treasure, you are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure.

‘Fly’ is the first song in their upcoming collaborative album. The video is currently trending at number 6 on YouTube Kenya with over 100,000 views in a day.

Watch below, enjoy.


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